Ever since the age of four, I have been fascinated by how video games work and what makes them so magical. During the years of unveiling more about these mysteries, I’ve become a game programmer and learned that games can be a lot more than just entertainment. Currently I want to help you to create games that combine entertainment and learning by programming with quality in mind.

When I’m not programming or drawing, you may find me reading, exploring nature or watching some silly cartoons.



Good UX

User Experience (UX) can be seen everywhere. Work applications, digital entertainment and in real life. Though, what can separate these experiences positively or negatively, are the ease of use, intuitiveness and how good it actually feels to use these things.

No product is good if it isn’t pleasant to use them.

Quality & Quantity Balance

Time is the most precious resource we all have. That’s why it is important to find the best use for that time we have available for us.

The quality of a single feature is important, but it can also take time from other quality improvements.

Constant Growth

In order to stay on the waves of the ever-changing world, it’s required to grow and evolve into a better version of one’s self. I do it by improving my current skills, being curious and setting and following a clear set of goals.


A lot can be done alone, but the real power is in numbers of skilled and motivated individuals working together. A cooperative, friendly and flexible working environment is required to create the best version of the product.

Get in Touch!

Hey, thanks for visiting the site. I’m hyped by the fact that you’d like to get in touch with me.

The best ways to contact me are by directly emailing me to markus.hyvarinen@outlook.com or by messaging me on LinkedIn.